Building Blocks and Leading Together
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Building Blocks and Leading Together

1 – Employee engagement

The most practical leadership skills you can implement to achieve higher levels of connection with your team.

2 – Lead with Purpose

How to develop a Purpose Statement that will generate changes across your organization

3 – Leading with Style

The 4 DISC Behavioral Styles that can help you communicate better with different personality types and get the most of your relationships

4 – Leading Sales Meetings

Learn all the elements involved in the process of leading a sales meeting and be ready to close more deals than ever

5 – 7 Keys to a winning team

Improve your team-building skills and have a simple action plan that will make a difference in your employees responses to changes.

6 – 6 Steps to Empowerment

Discover how empowerment and environmental factors are the key leadership that supports your companies growth

7 – Dealing with Difficult Behavior

Understand difficult behavior, your responses to it and how to better manage people in your work unit

8- The First Time Supervisor

Have a better understanding of how to rise to the challenge of team supervision and how to avoid common mistakes

9 – QII Time Management

The Myth of time management
Proactive versus Reactive

10- An Inside out approach to leadership

Understand the concept of follower readiness and how to use that as the basis for selecting your leadership style in any given situation

11 – Understand the patterns of people

Model different personalities and lead them appropriately.

12 – Situational Service

Vary your service style to meet the specific needs of each customer interaction

13 – 4 Ways to Grow Your Sales

Increase your sales results by following the step by step that converts leads to clients for a lifetime

14- Practical Performance Management

The key areas to focus your conversations that will make your team respond proactively and effectively.

15 – 7 Steps to Trust

Gain clarity on how to speak authentically and extend trust to the next level

16 – Recap and celebrate

Now you can look back and see all the changes you have been making in your working environment and how much you have been achieving since you started the Bite Sized Programs.
You were able to cover all the gaps between where you were and where you wanted to be.
You are simply a winner!