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Career Coaching

Change Is Inevitable And Career Coaching Can Calm The Storm 

Your career won’t be a straight path.  In fact it is very rare these days to work for a single company in a single industry all your adult working life.  Throw in “down-sizing,” management changes, shifts in industries, and changes in your own personal life situation and goals, and as they say, “change is inevitable.”

How you manage that “change,” can make all the difference.  Often we aren’t prepared for that change that is thrust upon us, which can lead to a period of questioning our own future.  On the other hand, when we proactively desire to make a career change, sometimes a little extra help identifying the best next step can lead to prosperity.

Career Coaching  is designed to help you prepare for and manage change, on your terms. 

How We Can Work Together

Career Coaching is a program for professionals who are currently at various levels of performance who wish to develop new skills and competencies for achievement and advancement in their current career – or to re-enter the job market.

 What You Can Gain

For Career Starters

We will work together to assess your current skills, identify critical gaps and put together a roadmap for your success.

For Those Currently Employed:

Get to the Next Level – for those currently in a professional position, we can work together to on improving your performance so you can rise within your team, your organization and your field.

Managing Change in Your Career – by identifying and addressing those areas of critical change you may be experiencing so that we can get ahead of these events.

Programs for Women – as a professional woman, I understand the unique challenges we have in the workplace. How to balance your career with your family, your full life, returning to work after raising children, etc. Let’s work together to achieve a higher level of professional success!

For Recent Retirees

Your professional life is not over!

Let’s work together to evaluate your goals, your dreams and what you want to continue to learn as a retiree.  You will feel great to know that you can grow and add value to others.

Call today for a free 30-minute consultation – without obligation – 843-312-2350. Or complete the simple Contact Us form here. We’ll get back to you in 24 hours.